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[24 Sep 2006|11:49pm]

Mr. Rohne is the new psychology teacher.

Methinks they finally got rid of Galas. And apparently, Mayer has the highest fail rate/student drop-outs.
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[01 Jul 2006|05:19pm]

Grad 2006 quick rundown;

Drew Palmer got dragged off by the police.
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[03 Jun 2006|09:40pm]

Class of 04 represent!

Hi I joined..I am now officially admitting to my time at GP..

Melanie Lowe ..doubt you remember me..I was asleep at the radiator with Jason Brown a lot.
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[22 Feb 2006|11:08pm]

Today, when I went to go retrieve my backpack from my locker, I passed through the hallway near the Autoshop. There were two used condoms and a whole lot of water on the floor.

Kids these days.

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Attention! [14 Feb 2006|11:17pm]

All those interested in mediocre concert band music, go to Grant Park's Band Concert tomorrow at 19:00. Only $2! It might be possibly be somewhat adequate! Not great, since class of 2005 is gone. Oh that was a golden time.
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[23 Nov 2005|11:40am]

This photo-essay: http://b.f11.org/28.html reminds me an awful lot of Grant Park.
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a tribute to the great MARRRRRIJUS timmerman [08 Nov 2005|06:10pm]

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[30 Oct 2005|01:53am]

_crackityj0nes says: the day timmerman retires is the day i die a little bit inside
kalilingradfunk says: I will commit suicide on the steps of Grant Park
_crackityj0nes says: i will join you in a joint-suicide
kalilingradfunk says: SO WILL THOUSANDS!

Hello visitors! And welcome to grantparkhigh, where there's no school spirit and apathy reigns with a side of drugs. kalilingradfunk decided to create it because if Gordon Bell has one, Grant Park clearly deserves like, twenty of them.
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