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Grant Park High School

A Commitment to Excellence

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The OFFICIAL livejournal community for Grant Park High School, which we're sure you all know, it committed to excellence (or lackthereof!), whether you're a current student, a teacher, or alumni, jumbly monkeys on wall, jumbly monkeys singing songs, jumbly monkeys everywhere, jumbly monkeys in my hair!

450 Nathaniel Street
Winnipeg, Manitoba
Canada, R3M 3E3
Ph: (204) 452-3112
Fax: (204) 477-5633

Grant Park's Student Voice terrible student-run newspaper
12-minute run, 75% moron population, advanced program, aida, alan's hair, anime club (rip), asbestos, back hall, band geeks, band trips, bartlett, below-code lighting, big burdy, bilenki, bud & dow, busloop, cafeteria ladies soapbox, chess club, cleve's retro bike, cleve's skull-love umbrella, collins, concert band, crispers, decrepid computer labs, decrepid library, delta marsh, einstein janitor, expensive musical productions, fair-trade coffee cancelled, falling ceiling tiles, ferreira, ffrench, flexible learning, gay-straight alliance, gibson, girardin, good teachers retiring, gp alumni, grant park high school, grant park mall, gzt gzt, hover-burdy, improv, jazz band, jeremy rusu, jocks, jones, jumbly monkeys, justin stadnyk, karlowsky, kattenfeld, kolybaba, kuzenko, lack of bud-dow, library frogs, lisowski, looting ofmiceandmen projects, low competance level, math club, maze-like basement, mice-infested sofas, middle school hallway, mmmkay, ms. scott knows everything, neudorf, nixon, no cafeteria floor, no funding, no school spirit, no textbooks, not having dances, patenaude, performing arts, philosophy café, pirates, quiet nazi librarian, reach for the top, really expensive cafeterias, regular placement, rhoda, robot announcements lady, rohne, rosenblatt, sitting in the hallways, skene or lackthereof, slush puppies, smoking doors, special ed, steve currie, student council does nothing, student voice, taylor's creepy eyes, teachers with hipster mullets, terrible sports teams, the hill brothers, throatpunch, timmerman, torcia knows nothing, track, ugly cheerleaders, ugly paint colours, ultimate frisbee, unpopular gym riots, vandalism, world aids day conference, znidarec